The Route of theWhite Villages offers a colorful and original vision of the province of Cadiz, villages in which the typical architecture with its encaladas houses, its castles and churches of the medieval time is mixed. One begins in Arcosde la Frontera, city considered like historical-monumental set, following by Algar, Bornos, Espera, Villamartín, Prado del Rey, Puerto Serano, Algodonales, Olvera, Torre Alhaquime, Alcalá del Valle, Setenil, El Gastor, Zahara de la Sierra, Grazalema, Benaocaz, Ubrique, Villaluenga del Rosario y el Bosque.
Route of the Bull.This route reune next to its tipismo and its artistic monumentalidad of true value, the singularity of which throughout the route the diverse cattle ranches of the fight bulls can be contemplated which they pastan in his fields, constituting the brave bull, in their natural scope, a stamp of unusual beauty. Starting off of Jerez de la Fontera, it includes the cities and towns of s de San Josè del Valle, Paterna de Rivera, Medina Sidonea, Alcalá de los Gazules, Benalup, Los Barrios, Castellar de la Frontera, Jimena de la Frontera, San Roque, Algeciras, La Linea y Tarifa. Route
Wine Route. Route by the cities in which a wine of attractive universal fame takes place and that includes a set of tourist singulars, between which they excel his great vineyards, the visits to the centennial warehouses and a series of monuments of maximum historical and artistic interest. It is possible to be begun in Chiclana de la Frontera, from going there to the Puerto deSanta Maria, following by Rota, Chipiona, Sanlucar de Barrameda y Trebujena, to finalize in Jerez de la Frontera, where also the Real School can be visited Andalusian of the Ecuestre Art.. Route
Atlantic Route . This route this flood of landscaping surprises in which they conjugate earth sea and old strengths, and even, rest of old civilazciones, like the ruins of Baelo Claudia, wall of Tariff, in the end of Europe where are seas Atlantic and Mediterranean both. It begins in Sanlucar de Barrameda, following by Sanlucar de Barrameda, siguiendo por Chipiona, Rota, El Puerto de Santa Maria, San Fernando, Cádiz,the capital (with but of 3000 years of history), Chiclana, Conil, Vejer de la Frontera y Zahara de los Atunes, marine atmosphere populations peculiar, Tarifa, Algeciras, La Linea until arriving at San Roque.