Zahara de lo Atunes is located to the feet of the route of the bull, its name is due to its marine past and to the fishing of the tuna that was made with the famous tunny nets (art of fishing of but the old ones of the humanity). Ample pure, clean and crystalline water beaches, gilded to sand and the environs of countryside and mountain. To 4 km is the Atlanterra urbanization, considered of high level that extends encaramando by slopes of the end of silver with villas and urbanizations in forward edge of beach. Monuments: Castle of the Tunny nets, of which at the moment single it stays the walls still on, was constructed in century XVI by Dukes de Medina-Sidonia for defense of the tunny nets and serving its interior for the preparation of conserves of tunas that captured themselves in their coasts.
Tarifa is the southest city of Europe, opened to both seas, and opened more to all the civilizations from the night of the times. Single they separate 14 kms. of Africa, by the Straits of Gibraltar. Paraiso of windsurf, also called "the capital of the wind", is one of the best places of the world for practices it of this sport, at the present time is host of the world-wide championship of windsurfing. Conserve leaves from the old Arab strength, its streets are narrow in downtown. Cosmopolitan atmosphere that they enamor to the visitor. Their beaches are long, wild, of white and fine sand and crystalline waters. It has two natural reserves. Monuments: Baelo Claudia (s. II a.c.), castillo de Guzmán el Bueno, iglesias de San Mateo y San Francisco (s. XVI), santuario de la Virgen de la Cruz.
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