Vejer is one of the white but simple and beautiful towns of all Andalusia. Nailed in a hill it seems a white island that one is based with blue of the sky and the sea. Declared historical-artistic momumento and national prize of embellecimiento. Narrow and twisted streets. Walled from the average age with the castle in the center and it leaves but high with four original doors from access to the city, the Arcs of the Segur, Sancho IV, Villa and the one of the closed door. Monuments: Church of the Divine Salvador, the Convent of the Recepcionistas Nuns, the Hermitage of Our Lady of Oliva, the Seat of Spain, the House of the Mayorazgo, the district of the Judería with the arc of the Segur and the Castle (from whose battlements it is possible to be enjoyed surprising views. It is not possible either to be let visit Santa Lucia with his Roman aqueduct and the Tooth, rural nuclei of great beauty and exhuberante vegetation. The beach of the Palmar of fine and white sands, located to about 9 kms., is one of but beautiful beaches of the gaditano coast.
Caños de Meca is located in the surroundings that the Greeks denominated columns of Hercules. Between the sea, cliffs and pine groves, surrounded in the incomparable light of this zone, the Sewers (name that comes from its flowing imnumerables of fresh water) appear to us like a fan of resistances that seemed conceived for the benefit of all the senses. Beaches of white and fine sand and crystalline water, in which the nudismo is a habitual practice. The Natural Park of the Breña that extends from Barbate to Los Caños offers a great variety to us of ecosystems with a high ecological value, like the cliff of 100 mts. on the level of the sea, forest of piñonero pine, mediterraneo scrub, dunes, salt marshes and rocky bottoms come off the cliff.
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