Playa de Los Bateles

Fine and urban golden sand beach of almost a kilometer of extension that ends at rio Salado. It has a magnificent marine stroll. The set of equipment and services is very complete.
Playa de Castilnovo

Continuation of the beach of los Bateles de Conil de la Frontera, in which watch of the same name is descried to the tower clearly. Little occupation and habitual practice of nudism.
Playa de La Fontanilla

Extensive beach of almost 2 km in sand length fine and golden and crystalline waters that extend until the beach of los Bateles. You have complete services and equipment.
Calas Camacho, el Sudario, Pitones y Melchor

Coves of access average or dificil and lack of services between the cove of Aceite and Conil. Practice of nudism.
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