"Mesón Judería". C/ Judería. Vejer de la Frontera. Telf: +34 629 760 802

Specialty in meats, fresh fish and cooks traditional caretaker. Products of first quality and well-taken care of warehouse. Located in the street Judería or " Callejon delas Monjas". Panoramic views from its terrace.
"La Castillería". Sta. Lucia s/n. Vejer de la Frontera. Telf: +34 956 451 497

Possibly the best spit of the province. All the meats are roasted to the grill on the firewood coal. Located between rest of a Roman aqueduct, in a true oasis of peace and exhuberante vetación with an intimist and cosy atmosphere. In Julio and August it is necessary to reserve. Opened of March to September.

"Trafalgar". Palza de España, 31. Vejer de la Frontera. Telf: +34 956 447 638

A kitchen totally reconocible Andalusian but with I touch very present. Rice and fish of the Estrecho. A charming place with two dining rooms with two different atmospheres: one more intimate and another ample, colorista and luminous one.
"El Jardín del Califa". Plza. España, 21. Vejer de la Frontera. Telf: +34 956 447 730

Specialty in food of the African North and the Middle East in a calm and incomparable atmosphere. Located in the heart of the medieval enclave that is Vejer. They serve more than 10 varieties as herbario and normal tea: the English of quality, the German and the famous Moroccan.
"Venta Restaurante La Gitana". Ctra. Vejer-Medina. Vejer. Telf: + 34 956 450 164

Specialty in ecological calf of retinta, meats of hunting, leg of lamb to the furnace, meat to the bull, fish of Barbate and all type of rice (with rabbit, perdiz, chicken of field, pheasants, etc...). Located to the feet of Vejer de la Frontera.

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